The Diary | 3rd March 2019

Well this is something new!
After my youngest daughter waking up and not resettling this morning, I decided to just get up with her. So at 4.47am I was up having breakfast, 20minutes later Rue (my youngest) had fallen asleep. So there I was at the crack of dawn debating going back to bed or having a productive morning and for once I chose the latter. Both girls are sparko and I am up, showered, dressed, fed and watered coffee’d (not a word but we will go with it!) and currently typing but also getting sh*t done.

We have so much to do in the next few weeks, top of the list is a massive clear out. We have phones from 2013 gathering dust in boxes, paperwork filed from our first jobs that just isn’t necessary to keep and I have a prom dress delicately dumped on the top on my wardrobe, yep a prom dress! We have a 9 weeks plan, to get things things tipped, sold, shipped off to charity shops and cleaned. I guess we could call this an intense spring clean.

Anyway I better crack on!

Simone Alice

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