The Diary | 29th November 2019

‘Tis the season to be jolly!
Aella is now old enough to get properly excited about Christmas, the decorations, the idea of snow, Santa and his reindeer, giving presents and just the whole magic of if all. Tahlia isn’t quite there yet, she is still at the ‘fascinated with the lights and taking the baubles off the tree’ stage. I’m sure that wont stop us decorating the whole tree though, then after a week of seeking out the hidden decorations, we will lift everything up from the bottom rows!!

We are days away from December which in our household and I’m sure like many others, means the start of Christmas! I’m in the process of putting together and advent hunt for the girls. On the 1st they will be introduced to an elf that each morning will be holding a riddle for them to work out (when I say them, I mean Aella! Tahlia for sure will just run in the direction Aella does or accidentally come across that day’s gift!), the answer to the riddle is where the gift is hidden. So I’ve been writing a list of places to hide gifts and riddles that match those places. I’m so excited about this and really hope the girls love it too!

So the last couple of months have been pretty intense. Aella has started school!
It’s tiring for me and I’m not even the one going to school, learning and playing all day. The whole school routine is so new to us, Aella never went to a nursery or preschool so our days were different to the structure of a typical school day.
Aella finds it tiring too but enjoys it so much, I love seeing her running out of school with a massive smile on her face. Still now I’m so excited to find out about her day and what she has been doing! I found out quickly though it isn’t easy finding out.
“What have you done today at school?” I would ask keenly in the first few weeks of school.
“I don’t remember” she would reply!
Very quickly we stopped asking to much about school on the walk home, she’s just spent all day there, she clearly isn’t interested in talking about it having just left, instead we have fun, we walk through puddles, we collect leaves, we point out the biggest house on the road and we talk about the colour of cars. When we do talk about school, we now change up the questions that we ask her to pin point specific things that happened, like “What was the funniest thing that happened today?” or “What was your teacher’s most important rule today.” The replies we receive back are far from “I don’t know” and are often filled with more conversation and laughter.

I have been struggling with the amount of letters that get sent home, the text reminders, the dates for events, remembering to do homework and helping Aella with it. It’s still very new but I am embracing it, going with it and enjoying what this new chapter is bringing us!
I know it will all get easier, there’s just been a lot of information to process and a lot of changes to get used to!

Anyway I better get on with writing some more riddles!

Simone x

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