The Diary | 10th March 2019

It was Rue’s birthday three days ago but we have only just celebrated, yesterday we had Mum and Dave along with my brother and niece with us, today it’s Dan’s side.
Since her birthday she has been very moany which I am going to blame on teething, I can feel a tooth sitting just beneath her gum and can only imagine it causing a little discomfort. With the moaning though there has been lots of smiles and giggles.

I actually managed to get a decent sleep last night too, for the second maybe third time ever Rue slept through the night 7pm to 6am which after a fun day of seeing lots of people and a second day of the same, a good sleep is what we all needed!
I am in no rush to get her to sleep though the night though, she is only 12months old, I understand that she still needs me, needs to know I’m not far away and sometimes needs an extra cuddle. I know these days don’t last forever so second time around I have chosen to embrace these sleepless nights (that doesn’t mean too say I haven’t cried from exhaustion or wished she would just go to sleep, now and again!)

Moving on, the weather was so beautiful yesterday bar a wind that put a chill in the air. I decided to put the washing on the line (I love line dried clothes, theres something so satisfying about pulling crisp washing in off the line, makes my belly bubble with excitement a little #LifeAsAnAdult ), well this numpty (me) forgot it was out, so it was left on the line last night and we have woken up to rain, lots and lots of rain!
I am that neighbour you laugh at because you look out the window and you see my washing sadly swinging, soaking wet on the line. I dread bring it in 1. incase my neighbours see me in my socks and crocs through their window and sympathetically sigh a little to themselves at how I’m totally not winning at life and 2. my washing baskets are both full resulting in me attempting to unpeg and carry the line full of in, in one hit. I’m going to get soaked!

I better go for a wash! Family is arriving in about 2 hours and I have a track record of never being ready on time!

Simone Alice

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