Our Adventure – Disney 2020

So our adventure began on Saturday 25th January. We left home at 12pm, caught the train to Reading, then on to another train to the airport. Once we arrived at the airport we had a small walk to the hotel. Our first issue was, we didn’t know how to exit the airport on foot. After doing a few circles and being mum shamed about the way Tahlia was sat in her pram (she had fallen asleep sitting up) we finally found the way out.
The small walk turned out to be, a mile and a half walk with a pram, a four year old, 2 large suitcases, 4 rucksacks and a weekend bag, down a muddy alleyway, round the houses, along a main road and finally into a type of industrial estate. Only to find out there was a bus that could have taken us! Dan really wasn’t in the best of moods and my constant preach about it being an adventure, that we should embrace it and that we will be laughing about it later, wasn’t helping.
Once we had checked in and got all the bags into the room, we went down for some food which was surprisingly tasty, So we decided to have breakfast there too!

The girls where a nightmare getting to sleep! Aella has always loved staying in hotels, so was ridiculously excited and it was all a very new experience for Tahlia but we managed to get them down and head to bed ourselves for around 9.30pm!

I’m really not a great flyer, the whole process from getting to the airport all the way to getting to the hotel at the other end overwhelms me, I find it really stressful and I can never relax but despite all that, the flight went well and the girls were great! Aella enjoyed time on her tablet, watched a film or two, did some colouring, whilst Tahlia, napped, hogged my screen and used me as a climbing frame.

Obviously my favourite part of the whole day was getting to the hotel, I had a head ache starting and needed to sit down! The girls needed to have a good run around after a 9 hour plane journey and a half hour transfer and Dan was itching to get unpacked and settled in. Our plan was to stay up until around 9pm which would be 2am in the UK but myself and the girls could only manage until 8pm (we were both pretty impress with the girls!). Which still worked out perfectly as none of us suffered from jet lag!

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