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I’m Simone, 26 years old and mummy to two daughters; Aella and Tahlia. I grew up in Essex and met my partner whilst working together in 2013. A year after we had our first little girl we moved to Cambridgeshire, birthplace to our second little girl.

I am a stay at home mother, I adore watching both girls learn a grow daily but I do get very little time to myself, rarely having time to think about how I’m feeling. So I started blogging as a way to express myself, share my interests as well as share my thoughts on life and parenting.

When I was 18 I qualified as a Beauty Therapist but very quickly fell out of love with the job. At 25 I  qualified as an interior designer which has sparked something in me and feel one step closer to a career I might love.
I also have a massive love for photography, something I would also love to explore a little more!

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