The Diary | 6th June 18

6th June 2018

What a busy week I have had with the family!

The weekend was spent back down in Essex, we had a wedding invitation from a friend I have known all my life and I must say she looked beautiful!
There was a number of people at the wedding I haven’t seen in years, it was lovely to catch up but also so strange to be introducing my daughters, although poor Aella was a little unwell and as soon as we arrived she went shy, burst into tears and just needed to curl up into bed. So Dan took her back to the hotel and I stayed out with Tahlia, who despite the loud music and number of unfamiliar faces, she was as good as gold.

Sunday morning we were up early. Our family dog Kea died back in November and my parent decided they wanted to spread her ashes in her favourite spot of the water at Mill House Lock. This was the first time both myself and my parents had been back to essex at the same time but being a Sunday, we knew people would be out walking dogs and we didn’t want to be saying our final goodbyes with an audience hence the early morning.

The early morning was perfect for us though, we were on the road home at 10am before it was too hot for our long journey. Plus, Dan and I being the most unorganised parents, needed to sort Aella’s birthday presents, when I say sort, I mean buy! The presents, the wrapping paper, the bows, the candles, the cake, we needed the lot!

We decided to get her a bike but what we hadn’t thought about, was how we would get it into our car. Our car is extremely small and really isn’t a family car, so trying to squeeze two adults two children and their carseats, Aella’s other presents and the bike was very hard but we managed it.

We decided to let Aella chose how she wanted to spend the day, she has her own little mind and Dan and I want to encourage her to make her own decisions.
The day included:

Present unwrapping

Playing with new toys

Staying in our ‘jarmies till 1pm

Testing out the new bike

Snackies and smoothie juice


Just before she went up to bed she said to both myself and Dan, “best birthday ever” which was lovely to hear!

Tuesday, Dan was back at work so it was a lazy one at home for me at the girls, we did need to go out to get Tahlia weighed which I thought was going to be just a quick pop out, I was out in the car nearly an hour looking for the children centre (I never been to this specific one before), I ended up giving up. Before we even got back home the girls were sleeping, so I sat in the car relaxing for 15minutes! I just knew that when I moved them they were going to wake up and I fancied just a moment of quiet. Quiet really doesn’t come often in my house anymore!!

So that’s it for this weeks update, a bit of a longer post but a very brief description of each day!



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