The Diary | 27th June 2018

27th June 2018

The start of this week didn’t start off great! I had, had a really bad night sleep with both girls and ended up not having a shower until 3.30pm/4pm which is very unlike me. I normally love to be out of bed early and showered and dressed for lastest 9.30am.

This week hasn’t been all bad though, we have had some really lovely family time as Dan has been on holiday from work. Aella has shown how independent she is becoming and Tahlia not only rolled back over (last week she did back to front, this week she did front to back!), she giggled for the first time, which was all really lovely to see and hear.

We love to take Aella to a trampoline park, she loves it there and so do we, but this week we have see a massive change in Aella. When we first went she very much needed us everywhere she went, she wanted us to bounce with her, go in the ball pit with her and play in the soft play area with her. The last two times with have been, she simple hasn’t needed us. Aella asks for her socks to be put on and then she’s off jumping. It is such a bitter,  sweet moment! I am so proud of her because she in growing up, becoming so independent and confident but i’m also slightly sad because she isn’t needing me as much anymore.

Tahlia is growing so fast, smiling, giggling, rolling. It all feels like it happening to quickly. She is nearly 4 months now which is hard to get my head around, when you are pregnant 4 months time can really drag, but once baby is here I think you are so busy sorting out baby and buzzing around tidying/washing or attempting to take a nap when baby naps, that time just vanishes.

It has been lovely having Dan home for a week, I have relaxed a lot and he has spoilt me with help! The washing basket is empty, the house is tidy and I’ve also has lunch waiting for me most days. When he goes back to work, I think he will be getting a text that the house has fallen apart because I’ve gotten used to taking a bit of time to myself!

It’s also been great to have lots of family time  as well as Dan and I being able to sit and chill in each others company, or go out for walks with the girls and catch up on life. Dan does very long hours at work which can sometimes make it a little lonely for both of us, so when he has time off, it is a really special time for us all.

It’s time for me now, to enjoy Dan’s last day of holiday!


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