The Diary | 20th June 18

20th June 2018


(So, apologies for last weeks diary entry, I only realised 2 days ago I put the wrong date! Oops!)

Our week started of really great with Tahlia rolling over for the first time! We knew it was going to happen, every night when we go to bed, she has been rolling onto her side but very close to laying on her front. Sadly we all missed the first time, Dan was at work, Aella was in the garden and I had was making a coffee. The second time Tahlia rolled over, only Aella saw. She came running into me and said “Mummy, Mummy! Tahlia has come off her mat”. I wonder in to put her back and there she was chilling on her tummy. Finally I managed to catch her rolling and now she doesn’t stop!

Aella had a lovely Daddy Daughter day with Dan. They visited London, I have to say I was really jealous. I would have loved to have gone but I think it is so important that they get their quality time, plus it gave me a chance to have a little break!
During my little break I decided to face the cupboard of doom. A cupboard full to the max of stuff we barely use and when we do use something, we turn everything over trying to find it and make a bigger mess in there. Anyway, it was a dreadful decision! The cupboard looks fab unfortunately our bedroom (which is where this cupboard is) looks dreadful! All I basically did was take everything out and only put back a few things, leaving the rest spread round our room and just another mess to tidy!

Aella on the other hand and a brilliant time! When I picked Dan and Aella up from the train station, our little lady wouldn’t stop chatting about her day. They visited the Disney Store, M&M World, Lego Store, Hamleys where she played with bubbles! Primark, you can’t go to London without giving Primark a visit and finally before they headed home, Aella visited Dan’s works. She was also really excited to show me what she had got from the shops!

Dan had to work Father’s Day so we celebrated a day late. Aella told him what his present was before he opened it! All because she wanted to share his biscuits. We also went for a lovely walk and finished off with a coffee. A very laid back Father’s Day.

To end our week, we visited “The Big Park”. Aella loves it there, feeding the ducks, playing in the sand and playing on the slide! A great bit of exercise for all of us as we walked there and a great time for Dan and I to talk about life. It sounds so silly to talk about life but Dan is away from the house for such long hours it nice to just talk about how we are, how we are feeling and our future plans!

The only part of this week I really didn’t enjoy was being stung by a bee! Im really calm around bees, I know that they only sting if you irritate them. Wasps I will freak out about. I was at the park with Aella and her shoe fell off, so I knelt down not realising a bee had landed on the back on my leg. The sting itself didn’t hurt to much, initially I thought a bit of grass had pricked me. It was the days after that were worst, my leg was so swollen, itchy but also sore and it is still irritating now! hopefully it will be better in the next couple days!

See you next week!


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