The Diary | 12th June 18

12th June 2018

We have had yet another loverly week! The girls and myself have chilled out a lot of the week, I feel like we have been non stop recently so to just pottery around the house has been lovely. We have had a couple thing to go to though, Tahlia hadn’t been weighed in 4 weeks, so we visited the another children centre (I found this one! Last week I attempted to find a children’s centre and after 40minutes, I still couldn’t find it!), I have no worries about Tahlia but it’s always good to know she is putting on weight and doing well.

At the weekend we had family over for Aella’s  late birthday celebrations. It was really lovely to see everyone and I know Aella enjoyed herself too, she adores her family and talks about them all the time!

Moving on, i’ve stepped completely out of my comfort zone this week! I decided to film my first ever Youtube video. It is only an intro and is a little rushed but it’s a start! So please give it  a watch (find it below) and show some love! I wanted to vlog since I was 15 years old but never had the confidence, even now I am really nervous about posting it, but 1) I want the girls to have videos to look back on when they are older, 2) I want to share my interest and what goes on in our lives and 3) Our family lives all over the place, so it will also be nice for them to have video update of their newly hit milestones and our family adventure!

It is now 1am, Dan walked in from work about half hour ago, i’ve been editing and writing and I know Tahlia will be up soon for another feed!

Catch you next week!



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