The Diary | 7th March 2019

And just like that little Rue is a year old, 12 whole months! She is walking and talking, very loud, showing her sister who’s boss (hair pulling is a daily occurrence, we are working on the “be gentle”). Laughing at herself everyday and still a boob monster! We are still awaiting the first tooth and just like Gracie, Rue has barely any hair.
It feels like the quickest year of my life, my memories of giving birth, bringing her home, sleepless nights and hitting milestones are all still so clear, like each one only happened yesterday.

Being a second time parent has been and will continue to be challenging fucking hard work but with that, there is so much joy. Those girls of mine really do make me smile. I think one of the best things to see on this parenting journey is Gracie becoming a wonderful big sister, she will often whinge when Rue takes her toys or plays in her room but if she cries, if she is hurt or if she has dropped something, Gracie wants to be the first there to sing, to kiss and cuddle and to make her feel better.

On a negative note, stress levels are high! I can’t keep on top of anything at the moment! No matter how much washing I do, the basket is always spilling out the edges, the washing up on the sides- dishwasher please?! The clothes to put away scattered across the bedroom floor (they were once folded neatly) and Gracie’s bedroom, well, it’s like a toy shop that has been hit by bulldozer.

Anyway, lets stop talking about the stress as I want to be in a good mood for Rue on her special day. Happy 1st Birthday sweet one!

Simone Alice

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