The Diary |14 June 2019

WELL! What a busy few months it has been. So after what felt like forever trying to find a house, we finally found one and have moved in! We received the keys on early May and all the furniture was delivered the next day. Dan traveled back to the old house to finish any cleaning whilst I stayed at mums with the girls and then began unpacking.
Unpacking was the weirdest feeling, it felt so pointless that everything had been boxed up because now it had to all be unboxed, but I knew there was no other way of moving all our things.

We have been here over a month now and slowly we are settling in, there are still small little jobs that need to be done and we need to get ourselves into a better routine but otherwise we are very much enjoying our new home. So much more space, although we seem to have filled it very easily.

Aella have been offered a place at our first choice school, which was all a little bit stressful. Any parent of school children knows that the deadline for school applications is in January, but we were moving, we just didn’t know where to. We had applied for schools back in Peterborough just to be on the safe side, but by the time we found out her school, we had already found a house. So, we then had to go through late applications but there is barely any information about the process online, after contacting school admissions, we filled in the forms and emailed them across and then declined the school she had been offered, gave a reason and a copy of our new tenancy agreement. After that, it was just a waiting game. No matter how much I searched, I couldn’t find something that would tell me when I was likely to hear about schools which I found really unsettling and stressful BUT… whilst out Costa sipping on a latte, I received and email from one of the schools (our 2nd choice) saying we had a place there, fantastic. I could relax now, I was sent letters from them, and had been in contact with them, only to receive a letter 2 weeks later from school admissions offering us a different school (our first choice)!
After an hour and a half of panicking, not about the situation but about having to make a phone call, I called school admissions and they talked me through what had happened.
Basically, we was offered our second choice, but Aella was first on the waiting list of her first choice and a space became available. Typing this, it doesn’t sound stressful at all, but I was pulling my hair out over it.

If you’ve read this far, well done… i’ve been wanting to natter on about that palaver for a week or so now but there isn’t an easy way of writing confusing and stressful situations.

Amazing news though, first choice school and yesterday I received a letter from them confirming Aella has a place and informing me of the meeting I need to attend! Not sure right now if the smile on my face is because I’m so excited for Aella to start school, or a smile to fight back the tears because I don’t want her to start school. (Yep you read that right… wanting her to go and not wanting her to go at the same time.)

Anyway, thats’s enough of my ranting! Next week I’ll give an update on my smallest human.

Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend!


P.s I haven’t read any of this post back because I have pots and pans screaming at me to wash them, so I hope it makes sense!

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