The Diary│6th October 2018

It’s been a while! 
So I guess I should just go straight in with an update on life.
Dan is back from France, I may not have even mentioned it… it was all very sudden, Dan and I were thinking about going to France for 3-6 months, Dan had work over there and that amount of time apart just wasn’t something we wanted to do.  Being a stay at home mother with 2 children and neither in school, we thought, why not just all go! When it came to it, work only needed Dan for 5-6weeks, so in the end Dan was the only one that went. It wasn’t the easiest experience, having Aella ask everyday when Daddy is going to be home whilst feeling lonely most evenings was pretty rubbish and from what Dan has told me, he felt the same! 

Moving on, Tahlia will be 7 months tomorrow! Despite her still being a baby, I look at her and wonder where our newborn has gone. She is crawling and super curious! Anything Aella is playing with, she wants a go of. Already I see Aella getting protective over her toys.
Yesterday I saw Tahlia attempt to push up and stand for the first time, I think she has a little way to go until she is sofa surfing but it was great to see her becoming so adventurous.
We are still going strong with the breastfeeding and she’s slowly getting into a routine of napping once, sometimes twice a day.  I’ve managed to get her into a great bedtime routine, usually bedtime for her is 8pm which a couple of times she had slept thought until 5am, although usually its a 3am and a 6am wake up.

On to Aella, she has been trying to push a lot of boundaries recently, it’s exhausting! She can be such a sweet and loving girl, then she can just switch and the tantrum hits. When Dan is home this side of her doesn’t often come out, so its hard for Dan to see how hard she can be at times. I think the hardest thing to hear this week was Aella saying she doesn’t love me, I just wanted to cry but instead I reminded her how much I loved her and told her I always will!

Right now there isn’t much else going on in life but there is a lot going on in my head. I really should give myself the time to sit-down and write about it, to get my thoughts straight!


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