Rosie The Elf Riddles Advent!

This is the first year I feel like we can really start feeling the magical side of Christmas with the girls. Aella is definitely of the age where everything is exciting.
So, this year we have brought in the elf! Our elf will be with us from the 1st December to the night of the 24th when Santa will pick her back up. We have decided to use our elf a little differently to the normal ‘Elf behaving badly’ things I have seen over the past couple years.
Our elf will be riddling out the girls advent. Which saves me from having to move the elf each day or having to rush downstairs before the girls of a morning, to tip over a bag of sugar and sit the elf on it, whilst crying about the fact I’ll have to clear it all up later in the day!

So how is our riddling elf advent going to work?
Well, each morning the elf aka Rosie will be holding a piece of paper, which will have a riddle written on it. Aella will have to solve the riddle to find where her (and Tahlia’s) advent gift is hiding.
In the hiding spot she will find a little red and white box with a number on. Aella will need to be able to tell me what number it is, for the box to unlock!

In the box there will be a chocolate for each of the girls, a little note with a Christmasy activity that the girls can do that day and a note with a film suggestion for the evening. I am so excited about this and i’m hoping that the girls really enjoy it every morning.

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