Dear Diary | 14th January 2020

First post of the year! It was my intention to write more, I wanted to be writing my 3rd blog post already but that didn’t happen. I haven’t made resolutions this year (I never tend to stick to them!) but if I had have, maybe one would have been to write more. I love having little updates on life that I can look back on and something the girls can look back on too.

We have had a little move around in the house which I’m hoping will encourage me to write more! We have moved the play room out and an office in, it sounds really mean to do that to the girls but it was actually Aella’s idea and want. The girls rarely played in the play room, they would grab a toy (a toy.. who am I kidding! All the toys they can possibly pick up!) and bring it into the lounge or dining area to play with it.
Anyway just before Christmas Aella told us she wanted her play room moved, she told us she didn’t like going in there and felt a too far away. So that’s exactly what we did!
Finally after about 3 weeks (yep, we did the room change just before Christmas!), the office space is now tidy and useable! I’ve never had an office before, so it’s all a little exciting. Both Dan and I have said how having this space as an office makes the room far more inviting, maybe that’s just because our things are in it.

Another thing, my camera is fixed! A few months ago, it got damaged, I was reluctant to pay for a new lens so didn’t. Anyway, at the start of the month the camera got knocked again and gave up on me. My options were, buy a new lens, attempt to fix it myself or get a pro to fix it. All I could think was, the money I would pay getting it repaired, I might as well buy a new lens but before that, why not give the repair a go myself.
So after opening up the lens, finding the issue, buying the part (£2.55) and repairing the problem, I have a working camera! I am so proud of myself, I feel like I have a new camera. Fingers crossed it continues to work!

Onto another week, hopefully all feeling a little better after a week full of colds.


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