Benefits Of Minimalism

I’m only at the start of my journey to minimalism and it really isn’t an easy one. I have only jus started clearing out rooms, cupboards, wardrobes and drawers deciding if it has a purpose in my life. I know I have a hoarding streak in me, which makes me think everything has a purpose or could have a purpose but I have a big hate for clutter, it makes me anxious, I feel like I can’t breathe when there is mess around.
There are items that are a challenge to throw out as they have sentimental value. I have passed my old teddies on to my daughter, not because I think they are nice for her to have but so I get to keep them. Does she play with them? No. Are they stuffed at the bottom of a toy box? Yes.
I think I’ve grown up believing we need to keep things from our past to be reminded of that moment in time, when realistically if that moment in time is important, it will remembered without an object to trigger the memory.

Since starting this journey a very short time ago, I have already started noticing some of the benefits of minimalism. Here are my top 6 benefits

Makes You Happier
We live in a world where we are led to believe we have to buy things to make us happy, but do they really? If your were to actually think about it, what makes you happy? My daughter makes me happy, my family, writing and expressing myself, puddle jumping, kicking up leaves and crisp spring mornings.
It makes me realise, I don’t need to buy new things or have the latest gadget to be happy.

Saves You Money
When you stop buying the stuff you don’t need, you are able to save money for the things you do need or to buy the things you are going to get genuine enjoyment out of. Which is far more satisfying than spending it on clutter.

More Time To Relax
How does having less give you more time?
It does sound a little strange but how long do you spend figuring out what to wear in the morning and how you should accessorise that outfit? how long do you spend wondering what to buy with your wages? How long do you spend tidying up?
You may only save minutes here and there, but that time adds up, giving you more time to relax, have a coffee or cook a great meal.

Tidy House, Tidy Mind
There have been studies that show having a tidy house, has a massive impact on us mentally. Keeping our house clutter free and in order keeps our minds clear, we feel less anxious, less depressed and more joyful.

A Change Of Mindset
You start to think about what you are buying, before you buy it. Think about whether you need something or just want it, whether it’s going to make you genuinely happy or if you are buying it because you can. You also start to appreciate the items you do own.

Less Tidying
The less you own, the less mess you can create meaning the less there is to tidy!

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